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Ep. 5 - Jungfraubahn Holdings AG
Ep. 5 - Jungfraubahn Holdings AG
Let's talk about this mountain railroad

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This is a companion piece to the Equity Analysis I released last week about Jungfraubahn Holdings AG , if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend checking it out here:

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Jungfraubahn Holding AG
Key Data Ticker Symbol: $JNF.SW Price: 158 CHF Market Cap: $924 Million Forward Dividend: $3.60 Dividend Yield: 2.2% Payout Ratio: 48% Areas of operation: Switzerland Sector: Industrials - Railroads / Consumer Cyclicals - Hotels & Entertainment Services…
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This is a railway company that has been transforming itself into a fully integrated tourism business.

With an insurmountable moat, and effectively zero local competition, the company does have favorable economics, though the low returns on assets combined with a lack of leverage may disenchant some investors.

Let me know what you think!

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