Jan 28 • 39M

Ep. 2 - A Discussion on Investors Title

A small cap value play with an interesting profit structure

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Welcome back!

It looks like the first podcast episode was well received, and so I decided to make this a semi-regular occurrence.

As always, the weekly newsletter will continue, it’s just that every couple of months it may be in audio form where I go through specific companies and explain my thoughts on them in a less structured manner.

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Investors Title

This episode we will go over a little know small cap title insurer that caught my eye.

With the ticker symbol ITIC 0.00 this company appears to be a value play in the small cap insurance space that while facing some headwinds in the near future, will likely be well positioned to be highly profitable and return those profits to its shareholders in the long term.

The full analysis on the company will come next week, but for now let’s just have a short discussion about what I found out about the company, and my thoughts on it.

Let me know what you think!

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